Bajaj Skin & Antiaging Clinic

Bajaj Skin & Antiaging Clinic
Manage all skin & Cosmetic disorders with “conventional” as well an “Antiaging Approach”. This new “Antiaging Approach” involves use of hormones, herbs, vitamins & nutritional supplements with usual treatments. This ensures Not Just superficial Skin treatment but cure from inside. Conditions treated at clinic: Medical: Psoriasis, Eczema, Scabies, Vitiligo, Chronic itch, Chronic allergy, Non-healing wounds, ulcers, Boils, cellulitis, viral infectios, zoster, Sexually transmitted infections Cosmetic: Acne, Freckles, Dark Spots on face, General darkening of complexion, Wrinkles, loose skin, Abnormal hair growth on face and body, Hair fall, Nail problems Sexual Problems: Male sexual problems e.g. male weakness, infertility, general fatigue, as well as some female disorders such as menstrual disorders, female genital infections, infertility. Cosmetic Procedurs done at clinic ** Microdermabrasion ** Electrofulgration ** Freckle treatment ** Cyst Removal ** Nail Removal ** Skin biopsy ** Chemical peeling

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M F-19 Quaid Azam Medical Centre CMH Road Saddar Hyderabad
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